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Saturday, June 28, 2008

June -- History and Futures

The first stage in a Futures Workshop is a general discussion of the History surrounding the entity under review. This entity could be an industry, organization, or position. Futures Studies is intended to be applicable across a wide variety of themes, beginning with a structurally flexible framework that can be molded to fit the needs of the study.

The Beijing 2008: One World, One Dream. Whose? blog site is intended to be such a study, focused on analyzing the various visions of the future that surface at the XXIX Olympiad. In order to properly frame much of this analysis, an overview of the context in which this analysis takes place is necessary.

In July, this blog will embark upon a structured analysis of the current trends within the People's Republic of China. During this month we will focus our attention on economic, political, social, technological, and theoretical trends currently at hand in the PRC. However, in order to properly understand how these trends have emerged, and how they can be interpreted, a brief glance at China's rich 5000 year history is necessary. The month of June is intended to be just that: A 30-day recap of the Chinese history.

Striving for objectivity, all comments, suggestions, or criticism in these efforts, are welcome, and it is hoped that you continue to read throughout July and August for another view of the One Dream Games, the People's Republic of China, and our collective Futures.


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