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Saturday, June 14, 2008

China's Dynastic History -- Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty

This dynasty’s beginning is marked by the overthrow of the last Xia ruler a corrupted king according to some sources) by Tang, the leader of the Qin people. Contemporary historians are speculative concerning the range and extent of the Shang rulers sphere of influence in the region that has become China proper. However, written historical documentation in the form of the Oracle bones found at Anyang confirm a succession of leadership based on heritage.
Some historians and archeologists suggest that the Shang dynasty was one of numerous concurrent civil-societies of the time period. Overlap between the Shang, Xia, and other social orders point to a range in technological advances, and cultural development.

These societies each existed during the height of China’s Bronze Age, and numerous artifacts have survived as testaments to the advanced quality of their craftsmanship. Agricultural implements, religious, and artistic creations demonstrate a high level of skill, while few military technologies seem to have been bronze based.

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