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Saturday, June 14, 2008

China's Dynastic History -- Creation Stories

A brief Re-cap of China's 5000+ year history:

Creation Myth:
Because the deep social psychology of a people’s is partially formed by the myths and legends that circulate in the vernacular, we discuss below some of the Creation Stories that have evolved in Chinese Society. These Short descriptions are not provided as a final compendium, but another starting place for researchers to better understand China.

China’s various cultures have produced a number of ideas concerning the creation of the world, Earth life, and Chinese Soceity.
P'an ku, Pángǔ – This creation myth is based on the entity Pángǔ, whose growth from the inside of an egg to full size created the heavens and the earth and everything inbetween. Variations exist on a) how Pángǔ was released from the egg, b) how Pángǔ is responsible for holding the earth and the heavens apart and deciding their distance, and c) What happened to Pángǔ after having established “the universe.”
For comparative purposes please refer to these or other web references, and feel free to add more references via the comments tool.
Pángǔ Story 1 - Wikipedia

Pángǔ Story 2 - LivingMyths

Pángǔ Story 3 - ThinkQuest

Taoist Creationism is centered around the concept of a “Oneness” or essential source of the Universe and everything the includes. Through a continual division of “things” all emanating from the Tao, the Universe is created through mythological creatures, or via a rearrangement of “the elements.” Many of these creation stories are a part of the Confucius philosophy.

Chinese Creationism – Wikipedia

This story includes the formation of the supra-being, the Three Pure Ones, the 5 Supremes, and the creation of mankind. However, the wikipedia article is heavily marked for lack of proper referencing (though referencing does seem to be included in the article).

Chinese Creationism – Trivia Library

This version of the Taoist creation story discusses the creation of the universe and all life there in, without the mention of any mythological creatures or beings. This version depicts the universe as being a division of physical elements, and “material-force.”

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