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Beijingfuturesdreams, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

August -- The Futures Present Opinion

Now that August has arrived the blog will begin to change gears. The entire process of laying out the Macro-history of China in June, and a broad current day trend analysis in July, was to prepare the reader for an analysis of the Futures represented at the Olympic games. The games are now one week away, and many things in Beijing have begun to change in preparation for the event.

As promised we will explore some of the cultural trends in China at the moment, but we will do so from an American-in-Beijing perspective. In leading up to the long-awaited 8/8/2008 opening ceremony, we will examine different lifestyles here in the capital city and the cultures that are represented. From the lifestyles of the young, newly-rich, and prosperous to the stories of of migrant workers in the midst of urban adaptation, Beijing cultivates the "new" China and all that encompasses.

It is the author's hope that some of this huge and diverse picture can be gleaned in the days that follow. Not only in the context of the current day, but in regards also to the futures of this city, nation, and planet. Welcome to the dog days of summer, in the year of the rat, from the land of the Dragon! We are ready! ;)

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