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Thursday, August 21, 2008

August -- The Futures Present Opinion: The letter of the century: C

there were just too many contortions and usages of the letter C to choose just one for this article which will take a look at one company that is heavily vested in the Beijing Olympic Games: Coca-Cola.

As mentioned before Coca-Cola has saturated the Beijing Olympic Games, and much of Beijing along with it.

The 1 line, Beijing's first subway line running from the East 5th ring road to the Fragrant Hills on the city's West side, has few paid advertisers. this is not because there is a lack of advertising space, but due to the saturation of the available space by few select companies, and none more than Coca-Cola. A major junction point of 3 subway lines at DongZhiMen, has been saturated by Coca-cola for the whole of July and August as seen in the video below:

At the venues, Coca-Cola was able to secure what appears to be a total monopoly on advertising in relation to any of its competitors in the Food and Beverage Industry. Below are pictures of Coke ads from the Tennis Venue, the Beach Volleyball Venue in ChaoYang Park, The Worker's Stadium venue, from around the Olympic Village. See Photos here:

As is evident from these photos, the Coca-Cola corporation has invested huge quantities of money into the Beijing Olympic Games, but the question of Why seems to be no question at all.
Drawing from the Visa card's slogan, the only other sponsor with a prevailing presence at all venues, Coca-Cola intends to be everywhere, anyone wants to be, now and LONG into the futures.

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Caroline said...

Don't they know that coca-cola is not good for athletes?!?