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Beijingfuturesdreams, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

August -- The Futures Present Opinion: And now... Many signs from "our" sponsors

There are numerous global sponsors, and China based "partners" of the Beijing Olympics 2008:

Here is a list of the most prominent, and the visual onslaught that they have brought down on the cities public transportation system. Please view the slide show for visual evidence.

Global Partners:
4) Lenovo
5) Panasonic
9)Johnson & Johnson
11) Visa
12)Atos Origin

China Partners:

1) Bank of China
2)CNC (China Network Communications)
5) Volkswagen
5) Adidas
6) China Mobile
7) Air China
8) Johnson & Johnson
10) State Grid

We mention these companies because of their heavy investment in and around the "dream" games, and the potential long-term marketing that is going-on. More images of the heavy presence of these companies along major transportation routes, in public spaces with high pedestrian traffic, and even key television spots are to follow to understand the saturation that is taking place.

After all, the minds of a consumer populous of 1.3 billion are attentive, inspired, and supple. Is this forward thinking as well as the formation of future thought patterns?

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