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Beijingfuturesdreams, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

China Trend Analysis IV: Economic Trends Intro

China's economy has been closely watched for the past 35 years. The showcase of the "Asia Miracle," China has seen change in the past century that is difficult to compare to anything. The economic trends that have fueled this transition have been well documented and researched by professional economists, analysts, and academics in more depth than this study or the author's training can adequately pay homage to. However, to speak of China's or even the world's futures visions at this point requires that mention be made of the impact of Chinese economic trends, policies, and movements.

In its bid to become the epitome of world superpowers, China has quietly transformed its economy from a largely agriculturally based system to a highly-powered market system in a matter of decades. By enlisting the 1.3 billion members of its population, China is in the midst of demonstrating to the world what such masses of humanity can accomplish in a short matter of time. Both good, and bad.

This trend analysis will spend a short amount of time analyzing the current trends in the Chinese economy. From the streamlining of industry, to the impact of SEZs, the drying up of foreign investment and the theorized boom in e-industry, the current state of Chinese economics is under more scrutiny than ever. After the Olympic games of 2008, and the global exposure to this nation, increased awareness and intrigue are sure to follow.

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